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Expand Lending
Expand Lending

Safely expand risk-based lending activity with our automated risk model, which differentiates 2 million permutations of vehicle and borrower characteristics to analyze the risk and potential loss for each loan.

Expand Lending
Earn Higher Yields

Generate higher net yields using a proprietary, highly sophisticated risk-based pricing tool that customizes your institution’s unique cost of funds, origination, and servicing costs.

Expand Lending
Automate Credit Decisions

Lenders Protection™ offers fully automated technology that delivers the lowest rate that will generate the net ROA target set by the financial institution in under five seconds.

Expand Lending
Manage Risk

High-quality loan default insurance provided by multiple AM Best “A” rated carriers absorbs more than 80% of loan portfolio losses.

Implement and Integrate With Ease

No startup costs  or hidden fees
No Startup Costs
or Hidden Fees

The program costs are built into the interest rate and recovered through the interest income.

No startup costs  or hidden fees
Only Pay for the Loans
That Are Insured

Premium charges and a program fee are assessed only on loans that the lender has chosen to fund and insure in the program. There are no other costs to the lender to implement or maintain the program over time.

No startup costs  or hidden fees
Launch the Program
in Weeks, Not Months

Lenders Protection™ can be implemented in six weeks or less, even with our customized configurations.

No startup costs  or hidden fees
Integrates With Most Loan
Origination Systems

Lenders Protection™ integrates seamlessly with many of the most popular auto loan origination systems. Application and process flow mirror the lender’s current operations, and decisions are returned in under five seconds.

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Tell us a bit more about your institution’s operations and current loan volume and we’ll provide customized results on your potential increase in loan originations when you use Lender’s Protection.

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Executive Lender Roundtable 2023

Executive Lender Roundtable 2023


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Provide Financing in Ways That We Hadn't Before


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$1 Billion in Assets
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