Balance Sales and Risk

Use existing application flows to
increase ROA and profitability.

We Give Captive Lenders the Tools To
Serve a Wider Range of Borrowers

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Activate Automotive Expertise

Lenders Protection™ is supported by Open Lending’s two decades of automotive lending experience.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Expand Lending Portfolio

Diversify lending opportunity by saying yes to more loans and more customers.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Avoid Unnecessary Risk

Leverage Open Lending’s proprietary data and decisioning analytics to offer fairly priced credit to near- and non-prime borrowers.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Customize Specific Terms and Results

Set unique stipulations including cost of funds, origination, and servicing cost.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Integrate with Existing Systems

The Lenders Protection™ platform interfaces with point of sale and loan origination systems for a seamless implementation and user experience.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Review Automated Decisioning in Seconds

Complete loan structure and pricing recommendations returned in less than five seconds for more efficient, fully automated decisioning.


Randolph-Brooks FCU

By partnering with Open Lending, RBFCU now serves more near- and non-prime members.




Lenders Protection™ Loans