Easy and Efficient Financing

Make informed, on-the-spot decisions to ease the lending experience.

We Give Automotive Retailers the Tools To Do More

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Make Transportation More Affordable

Provide competitive rates to near- and non-prime borrowers.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Increase Financial Inclusion

Empower consumers to get the best loans their risk status will allow while satisfying lending goals.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Price Loans More Accurately

Highly granular AI-powered analysis provides more accurate pricing commensurate with application risk.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Integrate with Existing Systems

The Lenders Protection™ platform interfaces with point of sale and loan origination systems for a seamless implementation and user experience.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Customize Terms and Results

Set unique stipulations to reach near- and non-prime borrowers with less risk and more reward.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Review Automated Decisioning in Seconds

Complete loan structure and pricing recommendations returned in less than five seconds for more efficient, fully automated decisioning.


Randolph-Brooks FCU

By partnering with Open Lending, RBFCU can serve more near- and non-prime members.




Lenders Protection™ Loans