Serve More Members

Provide more auto loans outside your prime lending guidelines

We Give Credit Unions the Tools to
Serve a Wider Range of Borrowers

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Increase Financial

Empower near- and non-prime
borrowers to get the best loans
their risk status will allow
while satisfying lending goals.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Expand Lending

Diversify lending opportunity to
service more loans and increase
the chance of future touchpoints.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Avoid Unnecessary

Leverage Open Lending’s proprietary
data and decisioning analytics to
offer fairly priced, certified loans.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Integrate With
Existing Systems

The Lenders Protection™ platform
interfaces with point of sale and loan
origination systems for a seamless
implementation and user experience.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Customize Terms
and Results

Set unique stipulations to reach
near- and non-prime borrowers
with less risk and more reward.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Trust High-Quality Default Protection

Open Lending partners with
publicly traded, A-rated insurance
carriers to provide best-in-class
loan default insurance.


How Union Square Credit Union
Increased Its Auto Loan Portfolio by 23%

With Open Lending, Union Square serves more near-prime borrowers, earns greater margins on auto loans, and acts as a full-spectrum lender to dealership partners.


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