Why Open Lending?

Higher yields, sophisticated analytics, and much more
Why Open Lending_BG
Why Open Lending_BG

Our Advantages

Our Advantages_Earn higher yields
Earn Higher Yields With
the Assets You Have

Take advantage of the existing
application flows already being
processed and increase return on
assets and profitability.

Our Advantages_Earn higher yields
Pre-Packaged Third-Party
Auto Loan Default
Insurance Offered By
“A” Rated Carriers

High-quality default protection
insurance allows you to mitigate,
manage, and share risk effectively
while still offering attractive rates.

Our Advantages_Earn higher yields
Be Up and Running in
Weeks, Not Months

Lenders Protection™ can be implemented in 6 weeks or less, even with our customized configurations.

Our Advantages_Earn higher yields
Sophisticated Analytics,
Customizable for Your
Lending Institution

As the lender, you control all credit
decisions. Configure your own specific
costs and desired ROA.

Our Advantages_Earn higher yields
Enhanced Underwriting

The Lenders Protection program offers
improved underwriting rules that identify
qualified applicants in the near-prime and
non-prime risk categories. It also includes
an enhanced underwriting and pricing
engine that allows the lender to approve
and price individual loans to fit the
portfolio design and profitability targets.

Our Advantages_Earn higher yields
Significantly Increase
Your Vehicle Lending

Provide more auto loans outside
your normal prime lending guidelines
and book more approved and
conditioned loans.

Our Advantages_Earn higher yields
Better Service for

Reduce down payment requirements
to help borrowers avoid expensive
“buy here, pay here” dealers.

Our Advantages_Earn higher yields
Value-Added Benefits

Improve auto dealer loan volumes and
stronger relationships while expanding
sales of auto loan related products
(GAP waiver, warranty, insurance).

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