Open Lending Welcomes Insurance Sales Expert Kevin Kindschi

Open Lending Gradient Background
Open Lending Gradient Background

We are very excited to welcome Kevin Kindschi to the Open Lending team. He brings a wealth of industry knowledge and a history of sales success through integrity that we appreciate here.

Kevin joined Open Lending as regional vice president of sales April 1. He has a long history in insurance sales in credit unions, retiring from CUNA Mutual following a 30-year career.

“This was a detour from retirement,” Kevin said with a chuckle. He explained that most of his friends were still working and he wanted to, too. “It’s refreshing to be doing something a little different. It’s nice to focus on one product and do it well.” His territory includes credit unions in California, Arizona and Nevada.

Kevin has lived all over the United States, Mexico and Europe, and he recently returned from a trip to Vietnam. “I had never been before, and I discovered in the two weeks I was there exploring, the beauty and history of the country. It was very interesting and educational, and the people there were great.”

But as he returns to his routine, Kevin is settling into his new role at Open Lending.

“Open Lending brings a tremendous value to the table. A lot of people need financial help. With Open Lending’s Lenders Protection™, credit unions will definitely be able to serve more members, particularly those who are credit challenged.”

He gave the example of his 22-year old son, who applied for a credit card but was turned down by a credit union because he was young and didn’t have much credit. He then went to another credit union that approved him. He soon became a raving fan of his credit union and subsequently took out a car loan from that credit union. “It created a sense of loyalty for my son toward the credit union,” Kevin explained, “and that’s the type of opportunity Open Lending’s Lenders Protection™ affords credit unions.” Kevin obviously already understands what we’re all about.

Kevin is true to the credit union spirit. He pointed out that credit unions have increased their loan-to-share ratios, but that’s mostly on A-paper loans. “With Lenders Protection™, credit unions can reach more members, earn more interest income and help more borrowers with lower credit scores achieve greater financial stability and earn their way to lower rates.” He’s as excited to be here as we are to have him.

Lenders Protection™ is the flagship product of Open Lending. It provides default insurance so credit union leaders can feel greater confidence and security – for the credit union, its members and its regulators – in making loans to members with lower credit scores. Lenders Protection™ allows credit unions to reach more members with the goal of helping them rehabilitate their credit while generating higher yields on loans and lifelong loyalty from the members they assist.


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