Control All Credit Decisions

Utilize existing application flows and increase return on assets and profitability

We Give Specialized Lenders the Tools To Do More

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Customize Specific Costs and Desired ROA

Include your institution’s unique cost of funds, origination, and servicing cost.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Deliver Lower Rates and Generate Target Net ROA

Our highly granular risk analysis allows you to price loans more accurately.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Fund More Loans

Lenders Protection™ allows credit unions to book up to 30% more auto loans from existing application flow.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Earn Higher Yields

The average net ROA on a Lenders Protection™ loan portfolio is 2.5%.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
Fully Automated Decisioning

The Lenders Protection™ platform is interfaced in point of sales and loan origination systems allowing for a seamless user experience.

Our Advantages_Sophisticated analytics
High-Quality Default Protection Insurance

Open Lending partners with publicly traded “A” rated insurance carriers to provide best-in-class loan default insurance.


Randolph-Brooks FCU

RBFCU chose to partner with Open Lending to serve more members in the near and non-prime space.


more approvals


in Lenders Protection™ loans


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