7 Great Publications

The average user receives about 88 emails per day! So, the suggestion of adding 6 more subscriptions that likely consist of a daily email seems crazy. Hear me out though. These are incredible resources for individuals in financial institutions – i.e. you!

Auto Finance News

If you do any sort of auto lending, whatsoever, we find it imperative that you follow Auto Finance News.  They are a one stop shop for all things going on in the auto lending and leasing world. Your daily read could consist of valuable data and exclusive market knowledge to tips or even breaking news.

Automotive News

The mission behind Automotive News states that they aim to be the primary source of industry news, data and understanding for decision markers located in North America. This is a mission that we believe they stand by and hold true. It’s important to stay on top of what’s happening in the industry besides just financially. This is where Automotive News comes in. Each day you can expect top stories about automakers, the state of the market, and even world auto news.

CU Insight/CB Insight

What we like about CU Insight and CB Insight is the broad spectrum of topics they cover. Not only are they covering recent updates and news happening in both the credit union and banking world but they also provide tips on how to live, leadership, attracting millennials, and so much more.


CU Times

Credit Union Times is in the know. No, seriously. They are a publication that typically is one of the first to come out with breaking news and stories. Subscribing to them ensures you will receive news as it happens. Another thing that we find great about CU Times is their resource center. You can navigate to this area of their site to download a wide range of free whitepapers, case studies and industry analysis.

CU Journal

Another absolute necessity for credit union professionals is Credit Union Journal. They are a one stop shop for finding out what is happening within various credit unions throughout the states, opinion pieces with best practices and tips, and provides an extensive resource center complete with web seminars.


American Banker

We didn’t forget about you bankers out there! If you’re within the banking community, you can easily turn to American Banker for your news, information, market analysis and all around best practices/tips.

Gonzo Banker

This one’s a little different than the others and that is what Gonzo Banker strives to be. They don’t want to provide the generalities. Instead they aim to provide the good and bad of technologies, vendors, strategies and more. Their website ranges from opinion pieces, insights and research to even an event page