Loans Within Reach: Lending Enablement Benchmark Study

Open Lending Gradient Background
Open Lending Gradient Background

How can lenders grow ROA and improve auto loan decisioning while mitigating risk?

How do AI and data analytics increase lender competitiveness?

What opportunities are available to serve near- and non-prime borrowers?

In Open Lending’s Lending Enablement Benchmark Study, we answer these questions and more. Our report gathers insights from a group of U.S.-based auto lenders to determine the role Lending Enablement Solutions play in increasing ROA, reducing risk exposure, and improving decisioning speed.

We reveal how using alternative data sources and AI-driven analytics help lenders strategically cater to near- and non-prime borrowers, a crucial component of a balanced portfolio. We found Lending Enablement Solutions provide a clear performance advantage to financial institutions surrounding speed, growth, and personalization.

Check out the report to learn more about how auto lenders can expand their portfolios with less risk and more reward.


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